Commercial Line Striping

At Stripe Smith, we have the equipment and experience to provide up to same-day parking lot striping services for local businesses, warehouses, churches, schools and more. Whether building a new parking space or ready for routine maintenance, choose fast and precise parking lot striping near Janesville, WI.

  • Restriping to your property
  • New layout design
  • Handicap symbols and cross hatching
  • Crosswalks
  • Seal coating

  • Road Markings

  • Direction marking such as arrows
  • No Parking/Fire Lanes/Loading Zones
  • Special stall markings
  • Curb painting

  • Curb stop installation

Handicap Striping - Before ImageHandicap Striping - After Image
Parking Lot - Before ImageParking Lot - After Image
Crosswalk Striping - Before ImageCrosswalk Striping - After Image
New Parking Lot - Before ImageNew Parking Lot - After Image
Sidewalk Striping - Before ImageSidewalk Striping - After Image

Benefits of Parking Lot Striping

Enhanced Safety: Clear and visible paint striping helps improve safety by delineating parking spaces, driving lanes, and pedestrian walkways, reducing the risk of accidents and improving traffic flow.

Optimal Space Utilization: Properly striped parking spaces maximize the efficient use of available space, ensuring that you can accommodate the maximum number of vehicles without causing congestion or confusion.

Accessibility Compliance: Paint striping enables you to meet accessibility regulations by clearly designating handicap-accessible spaces and ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Traffic Organization: Paint striping helps organize traffic flow within your parking lot, creating designated lanes, one-way routes, and directional arrows that guide drivers safely and prevent congestion.

Improved Aesthetics: Freshly painted and well-maintained striping adds a clean and professional look to your parking lot, enhancing the overall appearance of your property and leaving a positive impression on visitors and customers.

Clear Signage Placement: Painted striping provides a foundation for placing signage, including stop signs, yield signs, speed limit signs, and any other necessary traffic control signs, helping to maintain order and safety.

Prevent Parking Abuse: Clearly marked parking spaces and restricted areas deter parking abuse, such as unauthorized parking or parking in designated fire lanes, ensuring that these spaces are available when needed.

Efficient Parking: Properly striped parking spaces assist drivers in parking their vehicles quickly and accurately, reducing the time spent searching for available spots and improving the overall parking experience.

Wayfinding and Navigation: Painted striping helps visitors navigate your parking lot more easily, especially when combined with additional signage and directional markers, reducing confusion and frustration.

Legal Compliance: Following local regulations and maintaining well-marked parking areas with proper striping ensures that you are in compliance with local ordinances, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.

Remember, it’s crucial to hire professional striping services to ensure accurate and durable striping that adheres to all relevant regulations and safety standards.