General Information

Repainting is recommended every 3 years, but may vary depending on traffic volumes and/or environmental factors. It is a fairly inexpensive option for improved curb appeal.
Cost varys on parking lot size and complexity. We offer free estimates!
Time is variable depending on lot size and traffic volumes within work zones. Medium to small lots can be completed and open for use the same day.
We use a commercial grade, UV protected paint. This is the same high quality paint used on airport runways and roadways. It is quick drying and in many cases can be driven over within 1 hour of application.
Industry standard colors are yellow or white. The customer is welcome to choose. Other colors are available, such as blue handicap stall indicators, red curb, etc.
Yes. Regulations are dependent on the occupancy of your building, the amount of handicap stalls needed, ADA compliance for stalls near handicap ramps, minimum standards for stall size, and minimum standards for traffic lanes. New construction or new layout parking lots may need to be approved by your local municipality.
Yes. We do full layouts to help meet our customers needs while following defined regulations.
Striping helps to reduce traffic flow issues, ensuring vehicles maneuver and park in an orderly fashion. Crosswalks help guide pedestrians safely to and from. Handicap stall indicators help reserve necessary space for disabled individuals. Curb markings help alert pedestrians to potential trip hazards.
Parking lots can be striped during or after business hours. If during business hours, we reroute the flow of traffic to avoid obstructed work zones with minimal impact to your businesses customers or tenants.


“Kevin and his team are amazing. I would highly recommend them. Thanks again for the great job.”

Neal S. 

“Stripe Smith is an amazing company with great communication. Kevin and team do what they say they will do.

Although our parking lot is old, we have operated for 10 years without parking stripes. It’s so nice now that people follow the lines to increase our parking availability, especially for events!

I would highly recommend this company!”

Rod, Red Barn Tavern & Banquet Hall
Evansville, WI